Organise an MP visit to your logistics operation

Carntyne transportOne of the charges often laid at our politicians is that they do not understand the consequences of the decisions they take – particularly where business is concerned.

Educate and inform the decision-makers

In order to help counter this problem, FTA and the Love Logistics campaign is suggesting that companies help to educate and inform decision-makers in just how skilled and efficient the modern supply chain is, by showing their local MP or devolved assembly member round their premises.

It would help local businesses, the public at large, and the whole economy, if the sector enjoyed rather more public understanding and industry-friendly legislative and fiscal support; and site visits are a proven way to show your local MP that there may well be more to logistics than they realise.Dairy Crest

Meetings tailored to meet your business' needs

Each meeting can be tailored to meet your needs and that of your business; however traditionally they take around an hour. This would involve a chat about your business – what areas of logistics you work in, what you do locally, and what pressures your business is under for maybe half an hour, followed by a walk round the site to show a bit of logistics in action. Remember – most people only see the lorry on the road and the goods on the shelves. This is your chance to show how much more there is to logistics, and the high-tech way talented professionals make it all happen.

Get in touch to organise a visit

FTA are happy to organise a visit with your local MP to fit around your business needs – just drop our Head of Public Affairs, Michael Webb, an email at or give him a call on 01892 552297 if you are happy to do a visit or would like more information and we will take it from there.